solid weekend. back to work.

I have a final exam today, but I’m taking a break from studying to write this, because I’m sick of studying and writing is important to me. I still have some time to study, and I’m pretty well prepared as-is, so I don’t feel too bad.

I had a nice weekend.

I spent it with my boyfriend, who lives about an hour away. We went clubbing downtown with a handful of his friends on Friday night. It was a good time, and we were out pretty late.

We slept in a little bit on Saturday then went paintballing with the same group, except that we had some planning issues (and people hung over from last night…) so it ended up only being four of us. We also had some technical difficulties, and we didn’t start until like five pm.

It was awesome. It rained almost the whole time and we couldn’t see for shit. Our masks were fogged up and balls were breaking in our markers. Since there were only four of us most of the games were 2v2. Midgame the team I was on found this crashed and abandoned car that was riddled with bullet holes, and we used it for cover. We lost, but after the game we decided to turn it into a fort of sorts. We stacked the parts up to maximize cover, and dragged some logs over to make some low walls, and we played a few games taking turns who was assaulting the fort. We did a 1v3 with 3 in the fort and 1 assaulting. That wasn’t very fair. We played until dark. We were soaking wet and cold. We got burgers, took a shower, cleaned our markers and went to bed.

Sunday was really pleasant. We slept in and cleaned up and then went to read in the park. I started Stranger in a Strange Land a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t been reading much, so it was nice to make some progress. He started it yesterday, and I’m hoping it will be a good conversation topic when we’re done, considering how revolutionary it was and all.

We’ve only been seeing each other for a couple of months now and it’s not really serious, but it could be. We’ve done a ton of awesome shit in a fairly short period of time. We only see each other on the weekends but we see each other EVERY weekend, and usually for the whole time. We’ve gone camping several times, and climbing. He’s helped me with restoring my trailer so I can start building my tiny house. We’ve done mushrooms. We’ve climbed Pike’s Peak. We watched the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. We played paintball. We went on a day hike and had sex on top of a rock formation.

It’s been awesome so far, but I’m getting pretty attached. I warned him, but I don’t know that he’s really prepared for it. And the situation is a little complicated, so I don’t know that I’m really prepared for it either.

But it’s happening.

Anyways, I have stuff I need to be doing that’s not writing about silly boys. Like eating. And studying. And so on.

Have a nice Monday!


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20's. Female. Adventurous. Spontaneous. Promiscuous. Intelligent. Impulsive. Loving. Strong. Doing cool shit. Helping people. Making mistakes. Learning. Documenting. Growing. Young adult on the path of self-discovery. Future: Unknown.
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